11/18/20 - Release Notes



Tax report improvements

We have added a number of improvements to the existing tax reports: SLA by state report, Premium by LOB and the Tax Report. Changes include: 

  • Transactions are now updated near real time in the report, previously it took significantly more time for new transactions to appear in the report
  • Voided policies and invalidated endorsements are now clearly differentiated from other transactions with an 'INVALIDATED' tag in the transaction type column
  • Insured address now shows the risk location of the insured and not the mailing address of the insured
  • Transactions can be filtered by tax filing entity

Find more information about the tax reports here.


Added asterisks to denote mandatory fields in the underwriting workflow

BindHQ now displays which fields are mandatory during recording an application or creating a quote. Previously, validation and error messages only showed up when the user clicked 'next'.


Improved pre-bind screen

Frequently, mistakes in the Policy are caught right after binding the quote. We identified  that most errors were coming from incorrect policy effective and expiration dates, incorrect premiums, commissions and using the wrong  fees.

We have improved the pre-bind screen by:

  • Improving readability by better aligning data
  • Displaying Gross Commission, Agent Commission, Premiums and Fees
  • Adding an additional confirmation step that enables a quick review of Policy Effective and Expiration dates, Commissions, Premiums and Fees.


Small improvements

BindHQ got enhanced with a list of small improvements like:

  • Added $10,000 for Medical Payments limit to General Liability
  • Added $15,000 and $25,000 Deductible options to General Liability
  • Invoice due dates are now defaulted based upon the later of the effective date or the transaction date.  In the past the invoice due date was calculated based on transaction date only.
  • Stability and reliability improvements


Bug fixes

View quotes shortcut on application list 

Previously the 'view quotes' button took users to the application details tab and not the quotes tab. This is now fixed.


Displaying notes for agencies

The red indicator dot was added for the agency notes tab if there is a note recorded, similarly to how it currently works for Policies. This change makes the notes functionality consistent throughout the system.