12/11/20 - Release Notes


Changing Retail Agency on expired policy / agency transfer

Users can now change the Retail Agency on expired policies using the agency transfer tool.   Any transaction that happens after the audit endorsement will be booked to the newly selected agency. You can learn how to do complete this transfer here.


Allowing surcharges on admitted policies

Users can now manually add surcharges and state specific taxes even to admitted policies


UX improvements: Improving Mandatory Fields Validation, Address Validation, Improving the pre-binding screen

  1. We have improved the User Experience related to mandatory quote/bind data points. Clicking the ‘Continue’ button will now take users to any mandatory fields they may have missed when filling in forms.
  2. Address verification component is now updated with a cleaner User Interface.
  3. We have added the billing type to the list of information displayed on the pre-binding screen.
  4. We have also improved the back button behavior - it now returns the user to the quote edit screen, rather than requiring the user to re-open the quote.

Document Label Column and Document Upload

A text placeholder was added to clearly indicate where documents can be uploaded.

Additionally, column representing document labels were consistently renamed to “tags”.



Excess & Umbrella Products added to Farm Broad Line of Business

Users may now select Additional Lines of Business under Farm LOB.


Bug fixes

Tax Line Item issue

Fixed the issue found on several policies where taxes and surcharges did not auto populate on the Quote Summary Page.

EMPA tax

Business Auto quotes for Florida used to have an EMPA Surcharge line item automatically added. This is now fixed and an EMPA Surcharge line item is not added automatically to Business Auto quotes.

EMPA surcharge will still be automatically added on Commercial Property Quotes as it was before for Florida quotes.

Headers on nested lists

Sometimes the headers of nested lists did not correctly display the values. Examples were 'Please select code' or similar headings. The workaround was to open the nested list. This refreshed the header to show the correct values.

This is now fixed and the correct values are displayed all the time.

Renewals overview reports

Some bugs caused the renewals overview report to incorrectly show zeros in the Total column. This has been fixed and now values are populating correctly. 

See the Renewals overview report for more details.