Accessing a Marketing Company Profile Page

You can access a Marketing Company Profile Page in two simple steps

Applies to:

  • Administrators


Last Updated: September 2020

Accessing Profile Pages

There are two ways to access a Marketing Company’s BindHQ profile page:

  • From the Search bar
    • Use the search bar to search for an existing Marketing Company and navigate to their BindHQ profile page.

Note: When searching for Marketing Companies, you must enter an exact name, address, or phone number. For example, searching 'Century' returns no results, while searching 'Century Surety' displays the marketing company’s details.

  • From the Administration Tab
    • Navigate to the Administration tab and ensure the General Settings tab is selected.
    • On the left, select the Markets & Carriers subsection, then click Browse, view & edit marketing companies.
    • A list of all the marketing companies configured in BindHQ displays.
    • From the list, click a company name to open the company’s profile page.

    After navigating to a marketing company’s page, use the tabs to view or update the company’s information.