ACH batches and generating a NACHA files

Learn how to manage ACH batches and how to generate a NACHA file to easily pay or receive funds en masse

ACH batches can be created to generate a NACHA file. A NACHA file is a payment instruction file that gets sent or uploaded to a bank portal in order to execute a mass payment batch. 


ACH Batches can be accessed via the following path:

Accounting > Banks > Browse and view ACH batches. 

Previously created batches can be viewed or a new batch can be created. Each batch is assigned a unique internal and external reference identifier. Batches can be filtered by the identifiers. To filter click Add Filters, select the desired filter and click the Apply Filters button.

To create a new batch click New ACH Batch

Select the back account to be used, the transaction type (payments or receipts), the method (Web, ACH, etc) and click Continue to Selecting Transactions.

The screen will present a list of all matching transactions that have not been included in an ACH batch. Items shaded in red are voided transactions and cannot be selected.

Select the items to be included in the batch and click Create ACH Batch to generate a batch of transactions.

At this point the batch can be edited to add, delete, or lock items by clicking the Actions button. Locking the batch prevents further edits, if your bank supports NACHA file upload please continue reading prior to locking the ACH batch.

An optional NACHA file can be downloaded by clicking the Download button on the top right. 


Your bank will assign an identifier after the submission of the NACHA file. Please reach contact your bank for instructions on how to access your NACHA portal. After submitting the required information to your bank the ACH batch will need to be locked in BINDHQ, to do so enter the reference number provided by the bank.

The batch will display as locked with the internal and external identifiers and the transactions contained in the batch. The NACHA text file will remain accessible by clicking the Download button.


Setup is required prior to using ACH batches and the NACHA file. Each bank must have a routing and ACH ID configured. To do so edit bank details by going to 

Navigation >  Accounting select Bank > Browse and configure banks. 

Select the bank to be configured and edit. In the ACH Identifier field enter the ten characters provided by your bank.

Finally, when adding a new entity (agency, marketing company, suppliers) that will be making or receiving payments that will be submitted via ACH, the bank information must be  be added to the entity otherwise a prompt will be received indicating the entity needs to be configured when it is selected to be added to a batch.