Adding and Removing Forms on an Issued Policy by creating Endorsements

Create an Endorsement to add or remove forms on issued Policies. 

Applies to:

  • Producers [/ Underwriters]
Last Updated: January 2021

This article explains how to add and remove Endorsement Forms from a Policy.

Note: this article only applies to Owsy Programs - where policy issuance occurs entirely from within BindHQ

If forms are available on your policy, you can add or remove them. If they are not available, you cannot make any changes or additions.

  1. Navigate to an issued policy and select the Endorsements tab.
  2. On the left, click Add Endorsement.
    Note: Endorsement 0 must be issued before you can create a new endorsement.
    The Endorsement pop-up opens.
  3. Fill in the fields to populate the endorsement document and click Continue to Editor.
    Note: The text in the Description field is included in the endorsement document.

  4. On the left, select the Forms tab.
  5. In the Included column, select or deselect forms as needed.
    Note: Forms designated as mandatory cannot be deselected.
  6. (Optional) Click Preview to preview the form(s) before saving.
  7. Click Save Endorsement.

  8. On the right, click Issue to issue the endorsement, or edit/delete the endorsement if needed.

    You can invalidate the endorsement after it is issued if needed.
  9. After the endorsement is issued, PDF copies of the endorsement and corresponding documents (including the forms) are auto-generated under the Documents tab.