Using Application Clearing & Insured Clearing

Verify your application and insured details to ensure you don't create duplicate records. 

Applies to:

  • Producers [/ Underwriters]
  • Assistants
Last Updated: September 2020

This article explains how to use the Application Clearing and Insured Clearing screens help avoid record duplication by showing potential matches that already exist in BindHQ.

There are three parts to this article

Clearing Functionality

  • When you start entering a new Application or Insured details, the clearing screen shows you records with similar details.
  • If you find a match, it indicates that someone else in your organization has already worked on the Application or Insured.
  • BindHQ searches:
    • Insured’s name
    • DBA
    • physical address
    • mailing address
    • Agency
  • to present Users with any potential matches prior to creating Applications and Insureds.
  • Users can review the clearing details to confirm a match or proceed with the new Application or Insured.

Insured Clearing

  • If an Insured record is a match, click Select to insert the existing record into your application.
  • If an insured record does not match any existing records, click I’m Sure, Create a New Insured to finish creating the new record.

Application Clearing

  • If an application record is a match, click Cancel and navigate to the existing application.
  • If an application does not match any existing records, click Continue with Saving Application.