Binding a Quote

Binding a Quote from the Quotes tab of an Application

Applies to:

  • Producers 
  • Assistants
Last Updated: January 2021

This article explains how to bind a Quote and 'close the sale' from the Quotes tab of an Application

In BindHQ, there are two prerequisites for binding a quote:

To bind a quote: 

  1. Navigate to an Application and select the Quotes tab.
  2. From the Action drop-down on the right, click Bind

  3. On the Risk Information tab, review or update the risk information, then click Continue.

  4. On the Locations tab, review or update the locations the coverage applies to, then click Continue.
  5. On the Classifications tab, review or update the exposures and limits, then click Continue.

    Note: This tab name is dynamic based on the coverage selected.
  6. On the Forms tab, review or add forms if applicable, then click Continue.
  7. On the Quote Summary tab, review the quote details and make any final changes, then click Bind on the bottom right.

  8. Assign a unique policy number (if relevant) and fill in additional details as needed (for example, diligent effort responses and carriers/contacts).

    Note: Policy numbers may be auto-assigned if policy blocks are configured for the program. If the policy number is auto-assigned, it cannot be edited.
  9. Click Send to Bind.

  10. Review the policy details.
  11. Click Bind Application to finish or Cancel Back To Quotes to make changes. 

    After clicking Bind Application, a Bind was successful message displays and you can click the link provided to view the policy.
  12. BindHQ automatically generates the Binder and Invoice.
  13. (Optional) Complete all policy checklist items.