Checking when a User last logged into BindHQ

Administrators can check the last time a user logged into BindHQ by following these steps

Last Updated: January 2021

This article explains how Administrators can check the last usage of BindHQ by an individual user

Administrators can navigate to the Users page for any user and update their account details or permissions as needed.

  1. Navigate to Administration and ensure the General Settings tab is selected along the top of the page.
  2. From the Users & Teams section, click Browse, view, & edit users. This option is only available to system administrators.
    The Users page opens and displays all system users.
  3. From the user list, select a user name to open their account details.

  4. Access the Metadata tab

    Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 9.12.58 AM
  5. Look to the 'Last Login' for details of last access