Creating an Application

Incoming submissions are tracked by creating an Application and entering the risk details of an Insured

Applies to:

  • Producers [/Underwriters]
  • Assistants
  • Managers
Last Updated: January 2021

This article explains how to record the risk details of an Insured by creating an Application

There are five sections to this article

Adding a new Application

Create an application from the Quick Add menu or from the Applications tab.


From the Quick Add menu

  • Navigate to the Quick Add drop-down and click Add Application.

    A new application opens automatically.

From the Applications tab

The Applications tab displays existing Applications recorded in BindHQ, broken down by section:

  • My applications: Any applications you have created.
  • Team applications: Any applications created by one of your teammates. This feature is used if your organization created teams in BindHQ.
  • All applications: Any applications created for your organization.
  • Favorite applications: Any applications you have favorited.

To start a new application

  1. Navigate to the Applications tab.
    1. The existing applications display in reverse chronological order.
  2. In the upper right, click New Application.

Searching for the Insured

Before filling in the Basic Information page, confirm whether the Application is for a new or existing insured.

  • From the Basic Information tab, fill in the Insured field.
    • If a previous Application under the same name insured exists, their name will appear in a drop-down under the Insured field, and you can select them.
    • Ensure you have the correct entity in the event the name is a common one
  • If there is no previous Application under the same name, no name will appear in the Insured drop-down, and you can click New Insured to create a new insured.

Filling in Application details

  1. On the Basic Information page, fill in the Application, Agency, Insured, and product details.

    The Application Clearing page displays and prompts you to confirm whether this is a new Application. If applications already exist for the insured, they appear on the right.
  2. If the Application is new, click Continue with Saving Application.

  3. Fill in each page of the Application, including Risk Information, Locations, and Coverages.
    1. From Risk Information, you can add losses or additional interests.
    2. From Locations, you can add multiple locations to cover under a policy.
    3. From Coverages, you can add classifications, deductibles, and coverages. This tab is dynamic based on the coverage selected. For example, if you select General Liability, the Coverages tab is called General Liability. If multiple LOBs are selected, multiple Coverages tabs display on the application.
    1. Click Save & Exit to complete the application.

    Note: Depending on your BindHQ environment, you may also be able to click Continue to view comparative rates.

    Modifying Products

    • When creating an application, click Modify Products on the left sidebar to change or remove coverages.

    • The Add/Remove Lines of Business pop-up opens and you can select or deselect coverages using the checkboxes.

    Changing Agent or Broker

    • Use the right sidebar to edit the Producer or Agency when creating an application.

    • Click Edit to the right of the selection you want to update to make your changes, then click Save.

    Favoriting an Application

    1. Navigate to the Applications tab.
    2. Preview an existing Application by clicking the plus icon (+) to the left of it.
    3. On the right of the preview pane, click Favorite.

      The Application is saved to the Favorite Applications tab.