Creating an Endorsement

Policy amendments are made by creating endorsements from the 'Endorsements' tab in the relevant Policy section

Applies to:

  • Producers
  • Assistants
Last Updated: January 2021

This article explains how to create Endorsements from the Endorsements tab in a Policy

  • Endorsements let you amend or cancel policies
  • You can only add one endorsement at a time; an endorsement must be issued before you can create a new one.
  • BindHQ supports non-sequential endorsements in case you need to issue endorsements in a non-chronological order (based on the Effective Date).
  • If this creates a conflict in the system, you may need to invalidate an endorsement and then re-add it.

Creating an Endorsement

  1. Navigate to a Policy and select the Endorsements tab.
  2. On the left, click Add Endorsement.

    Note: Endorsement 0 is auto-generated when the Policy is bound within the platform, but it is not 'issued'.  Before creating a new endorsement, you must ensure that you 'issue' the policy Endorsement.

    The Endorsement pop-up opens.

  3. Fill in the fields to populate the endorsement document, then click Continue to Editor.

    Note: The Description text is pulled into the endorsement document.

  4. Review the Policy details on each tab of the editor and make updates as needed for the Endorsement.

    Note: For return premiums, use a negative sign (-) when entering the Premium and any related taxes or fees. 

  5. After finalizing the endorsement details, click Save Endorsement on the bottom right.