Navigating Carriers in BindHQ

How Users can access the Carriers Page to see information about individual carriers including sales and bind ratios

Applies to:

  • Adminisrators

Last Updated: January 2021

This article explains how Users can access the Carriers Page to see information about individual carriers through BindHQ.

Accessing Carriers Page

You can access a Carrier’s page within BindHQ in two ways: 

  1. From the search bar
    Use the search bar to search for a carrier.
  2. From the Administration tab
    - Navigate to the Administration tab and select Markets & Carriers on the left.
    - Below Carriers, select Browse, view & edit insurance carriers.
    - The Carriers page opens.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab shows report summaries for the carrier’s sales and bind ratios. It also shows charts for the carrier’s total premiums and revenue as well as their activity in terms of LOBs. Finally, this tab lists the carrier’s top binds over the last 30 days.

Details Tab

The Details tab shows the carrier profile that was created when the carrier was added to BindHQ. These details can be updated as needed.

Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab shows any contacts that were added in the carrier details. Users can click Add to add another underwriter or other contacts at the company.

To email a carrier from this page, click Email to the right of the contact’s details. The email editor displays with the contact automatically added in the send field. Fill in the subject and message, add any related attachments, and click Send Message.

To remove a contact, click Delete to the right of the contact’s details. An Are you sure? pop-up displays. Click OK.

Documents Tab

The Documents tab lets users attach items that are non-specific to a policy. To add a document, drag a file into the main pane or click to browse for and upload a file. Use the options to the right of a document to download, edit, delete, or change its order on the list.

Note: Documents are never truly deleted from BindHQ; deleted files no longer display on the tab, but they are still stored in the background.

History Tab

The History tab automatically captures the activity related to the carrier.

To manually add an activity, click Add Item in the top right of the page. In the Create history pop-up, fill in the name of the activity and add any notes. Users can also upload related files, choose a folder to file the activity under, or add tags. Click Submit to add the activity to the carrier’s history.

Use the Filter History By: section to filter the carrier’s history by type (note, file, or email), BindHQ employee, or date range. Check the Show deleted? checkbox to show activity that was deleted.

Policy and Claims Tab

The Policy and Claims tab lets users click View Policies for (Carrier) to filter policies based on the carrier.

Programs Tab

The Programs tab displays any programs associated with the carrier as well as any prefixes that may be associated with policies.

To delete a program, click the trashcan icon to the right of the program. An Are you sure? Pop-up displays. Click OK.

To add a program, click Add and fill in the program name, prefix, and numerals. The prefix determines the start of the policy number block (for example, TST) and the numerals determine how many numbers are in the policy number block (for example, the policy number TST10000 has 5 numerals). Click Save Programs to save the new program.

Policy Numbers Tab

The Policy Numbers tab displays policy numbers associated with a specific program. Use the Program drop-down to select a program and use the Status drop-down to select the policy number status (used, unused, or all). Click Refresh Policy Numbers to display the policy numbers associated with the set criteria.

To delete a policy number, click Delete. An Are you sure you want to delete this number? pop-up displays. Click OK.The policy number is removed from the number pool.

For more details, see our article on adding policy number blocks to carriers.