07/01/20 - Release Notes

Release Notes - July 1, 2020 Balázs Kámán


Updated the Address interface on quotes and applications

  • The system now lets users update the Postal Code and add the County when creating quotes and applications.
  • With the Check Address button, users now have the ability to validate addresses automatically, and the check shows whether an address is Valid or Unverified.
  • The new International Address? checkbox helps users ensure that address details are entered and formatted correctly.

Improved the Coverages section for Commercial Property and Personal Lines

  • The Coverages list now includes a Building Ordinance or Law option.
  • Previously, when the coverage Option field was set to Included or Excluded, the Premium and Limit fields were required. We’ve simplified this section so the Premium and Limit fields are no longer required.
  • The coverage details for Homeowners and Dwelling Fire now include Area (square footage) and Rate fields.

Added a Pro Rata Calculator to Endorsements

  • The Pro Rata Factor shows users the premium net change in the Pro-rated Premium and Total Premium fields as they create endorsements.

Bug Fixes

Premiums and commissions now display accurately on quotes

  • Some customers encountered an issue where premiums were missing on quotes for renewed applications. This was the result of a caching issue, which has been resolved. Now, premiums display accurately on all quotes.
  • There was a bug where invoices showed different commissions than binders, specifically when renewal applications were processed. This bug was fixed, and commissions now display accurately.

Insured name changes update everywhere in BindHQ

  • Previously, updates to insured names did not take effect everywhere in BindHQ. This bug was fixed, and insured name changes are now visible across the system.

Emails sent from BindHQ are delivered as expected

  • Some users reported errors and undelivered messages when using BindHQ’s email feature. This issue has been resolved so users can send emails from the system without error.

Coverages display correctly on quotes and applications

  • There was a UI issue on the Coverage section of quotes and applications where coverage names displayed incorrectly when multiple coverage lines were added. Instead of displaying all coverage names, the coverage lines showed the same coverage name until users opened the collapsed view. This bug has been fixed so that coverage selections display accurately in the system.