07/15/20 - Release Notes

Release notes - July 15, 2020 Balázs Kámán


Microsoft 365/Google Suite integration is no longer required to send emails from BindHQ

  • Users can now send emails from BindHQ even if their Microsoft 365 or Google Suite account is not registered with BindHQ. To do this, the organization must set up one or more default email addresses (for example, example@business.com). The default addresses can be used to send emails from the system (and support the BCC feature) and are filed into the application and policy history.

Agency profiles now display a red indicator dot on the Notes tab

The Notes tab for agencies now shows a red indicator dot when notes are added to the account to notify users viewing the agency that notes have been added.

Enhanced Program lists and editing capabilities

  • We improved Programs by displaying all programs (without filters automatically applied) in the Programs list and enhanced program editing to ensure all content is viewable.

Bug Fix

TRIA premium no longer causes issues on renewals and out-of-sequence endorsements

  • Previously, there was an issue where TRIA premiums were duplicated when added via out-of-sequence endorsements; this caused validation errors in the system. In some cases, this issue also occurred during policy renewals. This bug has been fixed, and users no longer encounter errors for TRIA premiums.