07/29/20 - Release Notes

Release Notes - July 29, 2020 Balázs Kámán


This release focused on improving users' experience finding the data they need in BindHQ through the search bar.

Search bar interface now defines search criteria based on entities

  • Our search bar is a powerful tool that puts nearly any piece of BindHQ data at users' fingertips. We want to ensure this robust feature is as simple to use as possible, so we've added some guidance directly within the search bar's interface. Now, when users select an option from the entity drop-down, the search bar shows which types of data are searchable for that entity.

Search bar results indicate invoice and policy matches

  • When searching for policies or invoices, the results list now displays a Policy Match! or Invoice Match! tag to show how the search result matches users' criteria.

Search invoice numbers to find corresponding policies

  • Users can search invoice numbers to pull up the related policy, which makes the search function even simpler to use.