05/06/20 - Release Notes

Release notes - May 6, 2020 Balázs Kámán

New Feature

Update active policies to reflect changes to insured details

  • When updating an insured’s details, users can now choose one or more active policies to automatically apply the changes to. Endorsements are auto-generated for the selected policies to reflect that insured changes have been processed.

Click here for more information on editing insureds.

Bug Fixes

Payment Method field now displays in the correct place on-screen

  • Previously, there was an issue where the Payment Method field appeared incorrectly at the bottom of the Pay Bills screen if users were missing the ACH batches feature flag. This issue has been resolved, and the Payment Method feature now appears in the correct place for all users.

Make Payment button is available when processing overpayments

  • Users encountered an error when returning overpayments where the Make Payment button was disabled if users paused after entering a negative sign (-) in the Amount to Pay field. The short-term workaround for this issue was to uncheck and re-check the policy, then update the Amount to Pay field without touching the existing negative sign. This issue is now corrected, and users can issue overpayment returns as expected.

Task List is sorted by due date

  • The task list displayed tasks in an inconsistent order for some users. Now, the list displays tasks consistently based on their due date.