10/21/20 - Release Notes


Added File # To Agency CSV

We have added 'File #' in the Agency CSV export. Previously this information was not surfaced in the detailed data export.



Automatic invoice creation improvements

We have further extended the configurability of how invoices can be automatically created for a transaction: now it is possible to specify behavior if a specific program is used for a quote.


Bug fixes


Email all files to self under document tab

In some cases the 'Email them to me' option under the policy document tab was not working properly when a policy contained an exceptionally high number of documents. The workaround was the time consuming method of downloading every file individually. This is now fixed.



Agency Payable Report - Direct Bill

For divisions that contained an exceptionally high number of transactions, if the selection criteria was too large the system was not able to generate the 'Agency Payable Report - Direct Bill' report.

Now if the data set is large BindHQ will email the result to the user instead of displaying it in the browser window.