Using Tasks in BindHQ

Create and manage tasks in BindHQ. 

Applies to:

  • All users
Last Updated: October 2020

This article explains how to use the tasking function within BindHQ to organize your workflow.

  • Tasks can be manually added and assigned to yourself or others, or they can be system-generated (like when a quote is bound).
  • You can add follow-up dates and notes to tasks to ensure they are completed on time.
  • A completed task is marked by a green checkmark.

View the Open Task List

There are two ways to view manually added tasks in BindHQ:

From the Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the dashboard and scroll down to Tasks.
    Any pending tasks display.
  2. Click View All Tasks to see all open tasks.


From the User Options

  1. In the top right corner of any page in BindHQ, select the user options drop-down.
  2. Click View Tasks to see all open tasks.

Your task list is interactive; you can click an insured name in the For column to navigate to the insured’s application.

Note: If no tasks display in the task list, click Add Filters in the top right to check the default filter settings.

Filter Tasks

  1. Navigate to the open task list.
  2. In the top right corner, click Add Filters.

  3. Set your task filters:
    1. Assignee: Use the drop-down to select a user or team.
    2. Type: Use the drop-down to select the task type (for example, Audit, Claims, or Renewal).
    3. Sort By: Use the drop-down to select Due Date (Most Urgent First) or Due Date (Least Urgent First).Set your task filters:
    4. Status: Use the drop-down to select All, Complete, or Incomplete tasks.
  4. Click Apply Filters.
    • Any tasks matching your filter criteria display.
    • To the right of an incomplete task, you can click

    To the right of an incomplete task, you can click Edit to update the task details or mark it as complete.

    • To the right of a completed task, you can click View to view the task details. Completed tasks are indicated by a green checkmark on the left.

    View System-Generated Tasks

    System-generated tasks are created when a policy is generated, and display below a policy’s status. These tasks are configurable by BindHQ. By default, only the Issue Policy task is configured for system generation. 

    1. Navigate to a policy.
    2. Below the policy status, click the incomplete tasks link if applicable. A No pending tasks message displays if there are no incomplete tasks.

    3. The system-generated task displays.
      Click Edit to the right to update the task or mark it complete.

    4. To update the task, change the Assignee, Due Date, or Notes, then click Update.
      To mark the task complete, click Policy Issued.

    Add a Task

    Manually add a task through the open task list or the Quick Add menu.

    From the open task list

    1. Navigate to the open task list.
    2. On the right, click Create Task.

    3. Fill in the task details.
    4. Click Create Task.


    From the Quick Add Menu

    From the Policies or Applications pages, you can use the Quick Add menu to add a task. This option is unavailable from other pages because tasks must be associated with an account.

    1. Navigate to a policy or an application.
    2. Along the top of the page, select the Quick Add drop-down.
    3. Click Add Task.

    4. Fill in the task details.
    5. Click Create Task.

    Mark a Task Complete

    Mark your own tasks complete or mark a colleague's tasks complete (for example, if you assisted on the task).

    1. Navigate to a task.
    2. To mark your own task complete, click Complete Task.


    To mark a colleague’s task complete, check the Complete? checkbox, then click Update Task.

    Edit a Task

    1. Navigate to a task.
    2. Click Edit to the right of the task.

      The View Task pop-up opens.
    3. Make any changes needed.
    4. Click Update Task.