Understanding Administration Rights in the Sidebar Navigation

Different User Types have varying access rights in the Administration tab in the Sidebar Navigation

Applies to:

  • All Users
Last Updated: September 2020

This article explains how users can access information from the Administration Tab in the Sidebar Navigation

There are three parts to this article

  1. From the Administration tab, all user types can view the General Settings, User Settings, and Advanced Settings tabs
  2. The options from the General Settings tab differ depending on the user type




    General Settings




    Users & Teams

    From the Users & Teams section, all users have the Browse, view & edit teams, Create new team, Browse, view & edit offices, Create new office, and View Company Directory options.

    In addition to these options, Administrators also have the ability to Browse, view & edit users.




    Agents & Insureds

    From the Agents & Insureds section, all users have the Browse, view & edit agencies, Browse, view & edit activities, Browse, view & edit agents, and Browse, view & edit insureds options.

    In addition to these options, Compliance, Manager, Administrator users also have the ability to Add new agency.


    Markets & Carriers

    From the Markets & Carriers section:

    • All users have the Browse, view & edit insurance carriers and Browse, view & edit marketing companies options.
    • Compliance users also have the option to Add new carrier.
    • Managers can Add new carrier and Add new marketing company.
    • Administrators have all options except Add new marketing company.



    Third Party Partners

    • All users have the Browse, view & edit finance companies, Browse, view & edit SL-2 companies, Browse, view & edit inspection companies, and Add new inspection company options.
    • Compliance, Manager, Administrator users can also Add new finance company and Add new SL-2 company.



    Tax & Coverages

    • All users have the Browse & view tax authorities and Browse, view & edit Coverage Codes options.
    • Compliance, Manager, Administrator, and Division Administrator users also have the ability to Add new tax authority, Browse & view regions/taxes, and Calculate tax rates.





    • Only Administrators and Division Administrators can access the Workflows tab.
    • From Workflows, they can Browse, view & create tasks.




    • Only Administrators and Division Administrators can access the Tools tab.
    • From Tools, they can access Policy Transfers.


    User Settings

    • From the User Settings, users can update their account details, including their name, phone numbers, avatar, and email addresses.
    • Users can also use the text editor to add a brief bio about themselves. The bio displays when anyone clicks the user's profile image.


    Advanced Settings

    • Users can select the General section to update details like timezone, tasking, SLA details, agency statements, reports, and carrier portal options.
    • Issuance, Compliance, and Manager users can select the File Tagging tab to create, edit, or delete file tags for the Documents tab.
    • The other sections are unavailable and return users to the General Settings tab when clicked.

    • Administrators have full access to every section on the Advanced Settings tab, including File Tagging, Checklists, Accounting, Subjectivities, and Webhooks.


    The quoting section provides settings to customize the behavior of feature used when creating and editing quotes.

    • No. of days Until Due: The number of days, from the later of the current and effective dates, that the invoice due date will be set to by default. This invoice due date can be updated by the user, but this will control the default value of this field