Viewing, Editing & Voiding Receipts

Accounting can view, edit and void receipts in BindHQ by accessing the Record Receipts page

Applies to:

  • Accounting
  • Administrators
Last Updated: September 2020

This article explains how Accounting can view, record, edit and void receipts recorded in BindHQ by accessing the Record Receipts page

There are three sections to this article

Watch our training video or read through this article to learn how to record receipts and deposits.


Viewing a Receipt

From the Search bar

  1. Along the top of any page in BindHQ, use the Search bar to enter the reference number and use the drop-down to select Receipts.

    The receipt displays automatically in the results list.

  2. Click the transaction ID to view the receipt and the associated deposit, if applicable.

From the Accounting tab

  1. Navigate to the Accounting tab and ensure the General section is selected.
  2. From the Accounts Receivable sub-section, click Browse & view receipts.

    The Receipts page opens.
  3. Click a Reference ID to review the receipt and associated deposit, if applicable.

    Users can also click Record Receipt in the right corner to record a new receipt.

Editing a Receipt

If there was an error on a receipt (for example, if the transaction should have included more than one policy), users can edit the receipt to correct it. Editing receipts does not let users modify the existing receipt details (like accounts, payment method, or amount). Editing simply allows users to split payment between multiple policies or transactions.

1. From the View Receipt page, click the More Actions drop-down in the top right and select Edit Receipt.

2. Find the transaction you previously applied payment to and update the Amount to Pay field as needed. This amount can be reduced but cannot exceed the total amount of the receipt.

3. (Optional) From the transactions list, select one or more additional transactions to apply payment to. The remaining balance is automatically applied to the next transaction selected. Modify this if needed (for example, if you are including three transactions in the receipt).

4. After making all adjustments, click Record Receipt.

The View Receipt page opens and reflects the new payment application.

Voiding a Receipt

  1. Navigate to or record a new receipt.
  2. In the top right corner, click Void Receipt.

  3. An Are you sure you want to void this receipt? pop-up opens. Click OK.
    The receipt is voided.